FRESNOZ+ 4-in-1 Nasal Spray

FRESNOZ+ 4-in-1 Nasal Spray

Fresnoz Nasal Spray 4-in-1 helps to relieve nasal congestion, allergies, dryness, and irritation from occupational dust, fumes, animal dander, pollen, and smoke.

Maintaining a clean, clear, moisturised nasal passage is vital for our hygiene and health, as our nose is the primary barrier that filters over 15,000 litres of air daily, consisting of dust, pollution, and allergens.

A clean and healthy nasal passage enhances the nose’s ability to filter airborne contaminants, protecting us from inhaling them, and it enhances immunity against common colds, rhinopharyngitis, and hay fever.

Isotonic Seawater and 2% Xylitol 

- Adults
- Infants and children
- Pregnant and breastfeeding women

1. Remove the protective cover and prime the spray by pressing the actuator a few times until you see a stream of mist coming out from the device 

2. Keep the head tilted to one side for a deeper cleansing of the nasal cavities

3. Gently put the nozzle in the upper nostril and spray repeatedly 3 to 4 times 

4. Allow any excess solution to flow out and blow your nose 

5. Repeat the steps for another nostril

1. Why choose Fresnoz Nasal Spray?

Fresnoz Nasal Spray is a non-pressurised spray with a unique combination of 2% xylitol and purified isotonic seawater. It delivers a controlled and gentle fine mist of saline solution to moisturise and soothe the nasal passages. Moreover, adding Xylitol helps soften and loosen up mucous and yet forms a protective layer in the nasal cavity against bacteria and dust. 

2. How often can I use Fresnoz Nasal Spray?

Use as often as required or as recommended by your healthcare professional 

3. Can I share the nasal spray with other people?

Sharing the device with people is not advisable as it may spread infections. 

4. Who is suitable to use Fresnoz Nasal Spray?

Suitable for all ages (infants, children, adults) 

5. Shelf life of Fresnoz Nasal Spray?

3 years

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