FRESNOZ+ Nasal Rinse

FRESNOZ+ Nasal Rinse

Fresnoz Nasal Rinse is designed for nasal hygiene and sinus care. It alleviates nasal congestion, reduces mucus buildup, and promotes overall sinus and nasal health by clearing and purifying the nose and sinus cavities.

Rhinosinusitis, also known as sinusitis, is when swelling and inflammation occur in the inner lining of the sinuses, which can be attributed by

- Upper Respiratory Infection
- Allergy

Common symptoms of sinusitis include:
- Nasal congestion
- Discharge from nasal passages
- Sore throat
- Cough
- Headaches or pressure in sinuses

Sodium Chloride 

- Adults
- Children above 4 years old
- Pregnant and breastfeeding women

Individuals with :
- Allergic Rhinitis
- Cold, Flu, Sinusitis
- Post-operative care

1. Clean the bottle with sterile or filtered water before using 

2. Pour 240ml of warm or filtered water into the bottle

3. Add 1 (Isotonic) or 2 (Hypertonic) of Fresnoz Nasal Rinse sachets into the solution 

4. Tighten the cap and shake the bottle gently until the mixture has dissolved 

5. Lean and bend forward over the basin and place the tip of the bottle against the nostril 

6. Keep mouth open to breathe and gently squeeze the content until it flows through the other nostril 

7. Repeat the procedure on the other nostril with balance solution

1. How often can I use Fresnoz Nasal Rinse?

You can use Fresnoz Nasal Rinse 1 to 3 times daily or as the healthcare professional directs. 

2. Is Fresnoz Nasal Rinse medicated?

No, Fresnoz Nasal Rinse is preservative-free and non-medicated

3. What is the difference between isotonic and hypertonic solutions?

- Isotonic solution is prepared with 1 sachet and is a solution of physiological salt concentration, identical to the human body cells.
- Hypertonic solution is prepared with 2 sachets. This solution has a higher salt concentration compared to human body cells, which aid in reducing swelling of the nasal passage

4. Can I use tap water or un-boiled water to prepare the solution?

For health safety reasons, please use boiled water at room temperature during preparation to avoid any unnecessary infection from the water source. 

5. What’s the concentration of sodium chloride in Fresnoz Nasal Rinse?

The concentration of Sodium Chloride solution is at 0.9%

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